I heard about the how the government might be shutting down soon and got a little frantic. I actually didn’t get that frantic but I think that’s what a socially conscious person would say so I’m going to roll with it. My hectic schedule doesn’t leave too much time to catch up on current events (that’s my excuse this week) but I must have been completely out of it to miss the fact that we’re ¬†going to follow through with The Purge.

Just kidding you guys. There will be no purge like in the movie. But how interesting is it that the federal government has an off switch? Does someone press a gigantic red button and everyone who works for them just stops? And if that is the case, is the person who presses that button a nominated official or are they hired based on credentials? Because I could totally see that job in my future. Dear Obama: please hook it up.

But in all seriousness a government shutdown would be quite an obstacle to the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who would go unpaid for the entirety of the shutdown.

Image from last government shutdown courtesy of CNN.com

Image from last government shutdown courtesy of CNN.com

It could also negatively impact the economy but according to Mark Zandi, chief economist and co-founder of Moody’s Analytics, it would only be by a smidge, which in layman’s terms means “a little bit”. It can be confusing when economists use financial jargon like “smidge” but fear not – I am here to translate. Zandi notes in a CNN article, “A shutdown that lasts just a few days might cost the economy two-tenths of a percentage point of annualized growth during the fourth quarter. That’s the economic equivalent of a smidge.”

So it probably isn’t necessary to pack your bags and move to Mexico or Canada but if you do work for the government you could consider planning what you’re going to do for that unpaid break. I hear it’s a great time of year to go camping. Or job searching.

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